The User’s Role in Pump Reliability

This introductory 20 minute webinar, with Randal Ferman of Ekwestrel Corp, discusses what operations and maintenance can do to improve pump reliability. Pump reliability directly affects process availability. When the cost of pump downtime in terms of lost production is factored in, the real


How Precise Is Your Pi?

The date March 14, expressed numerically as 3/14 or 3.14, provides an irresistible excuse to anyone with even a hint of nerdiness in them to associate it with the mathematical constant pi. So you ask ‘how does all of this attention to an abstract number relate to pumps?’ Well first of all, pumps

The Scope of Pump Reliability

The Scope of Pump Reliability

Thirty (30) some years ago I skimmed through an exhaustive study of the possible modes a prototype nuclear pump could fail and the probabilities connected with these events. In the report, the first reliability study I had seen, there was no discussion on how to influence or change failure

View of Units 2 & 3 containment buildings for San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, retired June 2013

An Opinion on Nuclear Power

[Offered to the Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee of the Office of Nuclear Energy, U.S. DOE holding an open meeting on December 10th] If nuclear power generation is to have a future here in the U.S., the nagging issues surrounding spent fuel storage, nuclear waste and environmental radioactive


Pump Systems Optimization Course Concerns 40% Average Efficiency

(Press Release) Less carbon dioxide emissions, better reliability, and significant energy savings available when pumping systems are optimized. Randal Ferman, a lead editor for Optimizing Pumping Systems: A Guide for Improved Energy Efficiency, Reliability & Profitability, published by the


Common Centrifugal Pump Terms in Plain English

The terminology of a technical subject is key to understanding it. The language of modern pump technology has evolved for well over a hundred years. During this period, meanings of terms have changed. Good definitions are sometimes difficult to find. In nearly four decades of experience I’ve