critical pump selection three major issues webinar video

Critical Pump Selection Webinar – Video

After the success of my webinar, I am making a recording of it available for everyone who was not able to attend, and those who wanted more time to go over the material and illustrations. Thanks again to everyone who attended the live webinar! If you want to hear about future webinars, subscribe now


Should pump users care about axial thrust?

Normally the user shouldn’t have to care about axial thrust.  Pump failure from an axial thrust-related problem is relatively uncommon.   But very few, if any, pumps are entirely immune to this class of problem. Why is this?   First of all, a rotating single-entry impeller wants to move in an

Chart of pump phenomena and minimum flows

What is the Purpose of Minimum Flow?

Over the years use of the term “minimum flow” has evolved.   Decades ago industrial centrifugal pump manufacturers quoted a single, relatively low value for minimum flow intended to prevent users from running their pumps to destruction.  The term “minimum flow” generally meant the lowest continuous

Hydrodynamics of Pumps, 2011

Hydrodynamics of Pumps (2011 edition) – A Book Review

Hydrodynamics of Pumps by Christopher E. Brennen was first published in 1994.  Aside from my long-time professional acquaintance with the author, what caught my attention in this book are the various technical passages related to rocket propulsion turbomachines, including the Space Shuttle Main


Diffuser versus volute

The stator section of a centrifugal pump, after flow exits the impeller, is usually either a ‘diffuser’ or a ‘volute’. The purpose of each of these two stator types is to efficiently diffuse velocity energy into pressure. Diffusers are characterized by a plurality of radially symmetric diffusing

Turbine-Driven Mainline Pump: by Randal Ferman, Ekwestrel Corp

Pump Handbook Fourth Edition – A Book Review

Years ago I owned a copy of Pump Handbook 1st Edition, by Karassik, Krutzsch, Fraser, and Messina.  While it was a book to have on the shelf, it was not my primary source of pump engineering reference material.  I obtained most of my pump technical information from other books and publications.