Common Centrifugal Pump Terms in Plain English

The terminology of a technical subject is key to understanding it. The language of modern pump technology has evolved for well over a hundred years. During this period, meanings of terms have changed. Good definitions are sometimes difficult to find. In nearly four decades of experience I’ve

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Suction – It’s Not What You Think It Is

Suction is often defined as a force that causes a fluid or a mixture to be drawn into an interior space. Some dictionaries more accurately define suction as a force or condition produced by a difference of pressures.  Both definitions are correct. However, the first tends to support the illusion

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Critical Pump Selection Webinar – Video

After the success of my webinar, I am making a recording of it available for everyone who was not able to attend, and those who wanted more time to go over the material and illustrations. Thanks again to everyone who attended the live webinar! If you want to hear about future webinars, subscribe now

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Is there any confusion about NPSH?

Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) is perhaps the most misunderstood concept in pumping technology.  The main source of confusion stems from multiple uses of the term in different but related contexts. One usage of the term NPSH is to denote the suction performance characteristic of the pump

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The ideal pump

Consider a pump that functions reliably under all possible operating conditions, no matter how abusive, including complete loss of prime or dead heading. Imagine this pump converts all of its mechanical work input into useful liquid energy output. Next, the seal or seals are zero leakage and require