My first WEFTEC

This week I had my first WEFTEC experience.  I live in LA and WEFTEC was held at the LA Convention Center, so I drove on over to see the exhibits.  I thought I’d walk through and see everything in one day.  Wrong.  A person could physically walk through every aisle in each of the three exhibit halls, in an hour – maybe. But stopping by an exhibit booth here and there I found one day was just not enough.  I returned the following day.

One of the more fascinating exhibits was a demonstration loop with a chopper pump in operation.  This pump easily shredded large diameter polypropylene rope and thick bars of hard-as-rock plastic stock.  Here’s a photo of the inlet showing the chopper/shredder device.  An outer rotating bar and the impeller are in close clearance with the stationary chopper bar.  This arrangement of hardened steel components creates a double shearing action that will effectively shred just about anything that tries to enter.

chopper pump inlet

Every exhibit booth I visited could scan my badge and this conveniently provided them my contact information.  Later they will mail literature or send me email.  I appreciated leaving behind all of the brochures and not having to carry them around all day.

For the water professional I can’t imagine a better place to browse all the best and latest the industry has to offer.  I especially enjoyed seeing the all the different makes and models of pumps dressed in glossy enamel and chrome.

glossy pump
close-coupled overhung pump


solids handling pump cutaway



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