Field Services

When pumping machinery fails with little or no warning, there is often little or no time for engineering evaluation.  The pump must be repaired immediately.

However, a particular pump’s downtime or maintenance history can indicate an underlying root cause has not been addressed. An experienced, expert engineering approach may be called for comprising:

  • a multi-disciplined understanding of pumping machinery and pumping systems
  • a high level of communication with the parties involved
  • an inquiring mindset that endeavors to change “unknowns” into “knowns” and a refusal to commit resources based on unsubstantiated information and opinion
  • a rational, methodical commitment to finding the root cause and a practical solution

Of paramount importance, the field engineer commits to resolving technical issues in a timely manner, cognizant of maintenance schedules and production demands.

Summary of field services offered:

  • engineering anddesign for pump repairs, revamps, and re-rates
  • troubleshoot pump problems
  • custom tailored pump training courses
  • inspect components, processes and unit assembly
  • witness shop tests and field performance tests
  • provide expert, independent field observations and audits
  • expert witness

Do you need a consultant for field services? Contact us now to discuss the engineering services we offer.